APFC Masterclass: Secrets of Positional Play Style - Video Analysis

Have you ever wondered how elite coaches see a game? Well look no further! In this short but very interesting class we put 3 positional style experts to watch a premier league match. As they watch certain parts of the game, they simply point out what is happening through their eyes. Get ready to be enlightened and awed by the amount of detail that renown coach Albert Puig, Bernat Franquesa and Miki Lladó go to. They dive deep and make it seem so natural. 

Be able to spot key details during a match and pinpoint universal concepts as well as concepts pursuant to the positional style  (juego de posición).

APFC's Founder Albert Puig and and Methodology Experts break down  tactical and technical foundations that any soccer/football/futbol coach needs to spot.  

  • Learn the concepts and understand the details that Elite Level coaches observe during a match

    Our instructors are coaching at elite levels and are very familiar with key foundations you should know as a coach.

  • Acquire the confidence  to spot the different tactical situations presented during a match

    Teaches how to spot, read and analyze read these situations during a match.  

  • This video is in no particular order and the instructors comment on what they are seeing. 

  • Albert Puig

    Former Barcelona F.C. Football Academy (La Masía) coach and director with a UEFA PRO license. Albert’s 35+ years experience as a coach, mentor, scout, instructor, author, and speaker made him travel the world spreading this methodology with unique results. A world renowned expert of "Juego de Posición" in youth soccer.

  • Bernat Franquesa

    APFC co-founder, Head of Methodology and coach for all APFC academies in the U.S. Uefa licensed

  • Miquel Lladó

    APFC head of content and methodology expert. Leads our APFC mentorship program. Uefa licensed, currently head coach of U19 CE Sabadell FC.

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