Large Green Hydrogen Projects in the North Sea Region

About the Webinar

Large green hydrogen projects are crucial in reducing the cost of renewable hydrogen in a developing hydrogen economy .  The webinar begins with a presentation from Enrique Giron of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU)  looking at their role in the EU Hydrogen Strategy.

The webinar then examines the two largest North Region  projects in development. These are the NortH2 project in the  Northern Netherlands and the AquaVentus project which will stretch from  Heligoland in the German Bight to the Dogger Bank.  Both projects  will gradually increase green hydrogen production to 10 GW by 2040 and have a significant impact on European hydrogen market.  Jasper Rigter from RWE will present the NortH2 project and the Programme Manager Christine Partmann will present the AquaVentus project.
Presentations will look at the background to the projects and how they were developed; the barriers that need to be overcome and the potential results of the projects.

  • Jon Jordan

    Webinar Host

  • Enrique Giron

    Project Manager, FCH-JU

  • Jasper Rigter

    RWE Project Lead, NortH2 Ptoject

  • Christine Partmann

    Programme Manager, AquaVentus Project

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