How to Avoid Costly Financial Mistakes and Survive During Retirement​​​​​​​

About the Webinar

During this event, we will reveal proven techniques and strategies to help you preserve your capital, get more income, decrease your risk and reduce your tax burden. You will find out what the government and other advisors don’t want you to know. Best of all, you will leave with valuable information you can act upon immediately, such as:
• What you should know about the new tax reform bill, and it’s impact on your IRA and 401(k). 
• How to create “paychecks for life” and retirement income you and your spouse can’t outlive. 
• Why leaving your 401(k) at your company after you retire may be a huge tax mistake! 
• Now that Trump’s new tax laws are in place, is a Roth conversion right for and your family? 
• How to maximize your Social Security benefits. The choices you make could be up to a $300,000 difference. 
• Everyone that owns a home and has assets needs an estate plan - find out about wills, trusts, and what is best for you and your family. 
• Bonus topic: Find out if you are holding lazy money

  • Tyson and Ryan Thacker

    Webinar Host

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