Guided Math Virtual Professional Development

This professional development webinar provides powerful evidence-based practices on the components of Guided Math with REAL application-level discussions including our new teaching reality.  

  • Reagan Tunstall & Kristina Grant

    ​​​​​​​One registration is for one participant only. If you need to register multiple teachers to view the webinar, please email [email protected]

  • On-demand webinar access to GMVPD

    You will have seven (7) days to access the webinar from the purchase date.  You can replay the webinar as many times as you like during this time.

  • The how and why of Guided Math

    Get the research behind Guided Math but also how it works with actual students.

  • What Guided Math looks like in REAL classrooms K-5

    Take a look into our classrooms as well as other K-5 classrooms with in-depth pictures and explanations of instructional routines.

  • The four components of the Guided Math structure and their purpose

    Find the focus for each component as you hear and see how to create the best structure for your math block.

  • Small groups and interventions made EASY!

    Explore how small group instruction and targeted interventions create lasting impact more easily than you think.

  • Close-up on workstations from management to what choices to put out

    See different types of workstation management with a variety of workstation choices ensuring you create a well-rounded mathematic experience for every student.

  • Steps to establish routines and expectations to develop independence

    Foster independence, self-starters, and a growth mindset within your students for a trouble-free math block.

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