Sleep is when your body fixes itself.
​​​​​What are you sleeping on?
​​​​​​​We found mattresses to be a great health burden. Let us teach you why.

About the Webinar

You're in close contact to your mattress for a third of your day and we found it has a big impact on the effectiveness of sleep. In this webinar we explain in great details the things you should consider when choosing your next mattress.

​​​​​​​Armed with some logic, you'll find it hard to justify buying a mattress from a bedding store and even mattresses that claim to be natural. This is exactly why we ended up making mattresses, but we don't see ourselves as mattress manufacturers... We create healtheir bedrooms to help optimise the conditions for the body to repair or strengthen. That is why this mattress, as all our other solutions, needs to be just right.

  • Patrick Van Der Burght

    Webinar Host

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