Smart Retirement Tax 2021

What Tax Planning Should You Do Now?

Is Your Retirement Plan Secure?

If you've watched the news lately (and most of us have), you know the stock market has experienced significant volatility in the last few months. But did you know market performance is not the only area of concern for today's financial experts? Many experts predict higher tax rates in the future, especially with the recent increase in emergency federal spending. And if you're only focused on the market, you may miss a big risk impacting the amount of income you receive in retirement. ​​​​​​

If your retirement plan makes you feel anxious about the future, or if you have found yourself asking the following questions below, then I'm glad you're here!

  • How do I protect my principal balance from losses?

  • How do I reduce my tax liabilities?

  • Am I making the right decisions to secure my retirement future?

  • How much risk is the right amount of risk for my portfolio?

  • Cory Chapman

    Featured Speaker, Founder of EFC Wealth Management

  • Sherri James

    Speaker & Financial Professional

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