What is Mantrailing and can it help modify behaviour?

This presentation is geared to introduce Mantrailing as a dog sport. It will talk about our methods to teach it, the hypothetical science behind it and how the sport can influence a dog´s behaviour even off the trail.
As with other dog sports, the reward system plays an important role to get a more driven canine partner for the task.
But what is it that makes Mantrailing such a popular dog sport around the world? Can any dog participate?

Lisa will be answering any questions, that you might have about Mantrailing, after the presentation.

Learning objectives:
·        What is Mantrailing?
·        Tasks of a Mantrailer
·        How do we teach Mantrailing?
·        What is the dog looking for on the trail?
·        Introduction to the science of scent
·        Can any dog do Mantrailing?
·        How can Mantrailing influence a dog´s behaviour?·        The reward system
·        The scent article

  • International Canine Behaviourists

    Webinar Host

  • Lisa Gorenflo

    Webinar Host

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