How to destroy your Business in 2023

The overworked and uninspired CEO with an unaligned team is too common.  There is no clear vision, no clear strategy, and no one accountable to the results of the company.  We work harder, put in the hours but remain STUCK.

This dynamic is the death of most companies.  It is time for a shift.

About The Webinar

It is time to redefine your business and get reinspired.  Let's map a bad-ass year using the systems of Metronomics.  This is the key to get clear, get your team aligned, and get UN-stuck.

  • Find the cracks in your business 

    You can't see what you can't see.  It is time to reveal the cracks in your business and find out how to fix them.  You can only grow on a strong foundation.

  • Get tools to align your team

    You are only as strong as your team.  If your team is not aligned there is drama in the workplace and no one moving the revenue needle.

  • Map a strategy for the next year in business 

    Most companies are operating day to day with no real strategy.  This causes breaks in communication.  This also leaves the team and the CEO uninspired and not fulfilled.

  • Work as a team to bring the vision to life 

    Imagine a team that knows the vision and plays to win.  A team that is cheering for the quarterly goals of the company and brings their A-Game every day.

  • Get your life back and grow your business 

    Imagine having a business that serves you and gives you freedom.  Freedom of finances, freedom of time, and the ability to make an impact.  Imagine a business that you run instead of one that runs you. 

Webinar Presenters

  • Dr. Nicole Rivera

    Webinar Host

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