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Webinar: 3910 construction contracts review

About The Webinar

Standard 3910 construction contracts are currently being reviewed, and an interim guidance document on recommended special conditions has been released.

Join Civil Contractors New Zealand and Dentons Kensington Swan for an update on the review progress and explore what the new guidance on special conditions means for your construction contracts.

This webinar will provide:

  • An update on the review of standard 3910 construction contracts

    Get a progress report on the review of 3910 construction contracts.

  • An exploration of the new guidance around special conditions

    Find out about the new special conditions guidance document.

  • Q&A time to raise issues and get your questions answered

    Paul Buetow and Jim Juno are the civil construction industry's representatives on the review panel. There will be Q&A time so you can get the information you need on the ongoing review.

  • Civil Contractors New Zealand

    Webinar Host

  • Paul Buetow

    Webinar Host

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