Education and Family Focus Webinar

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on working parents and families around the world. Schools are preparing to open again for the new academic year in some regions and in different parts of the world the reality of virtual and online learning is only just beginning. With the school break upon us, now is the time for parents and employers to plan for the future to ensure children and families thrive.
Many international parents will need to make informed choices about their next move or repatriation and their child’s education will be crucial to the decision making. You will discover the benefits and opportunities of a bilingual education and realise the importance of integrating children and settling the parents to ensure children and all the family do well in the new location and new school. 

With contributions from Relocate Award winning schools and relocation professionals, there will be plenty of expertise on hand to advise families on the move and to inform HR, global mobility, employers and relocation professionals managing international assignments and domestic moves in these challenging times.​​​​​​​

  • Fiona Murchie

    Managing Editor, Relocate Global and Relocate Magazine

  • Françoise Zurbach

    Head of EIFA International School

  • Johanna Mitchell

    Director of Lumos Education

  • Gail Panhelleux

    Executive Director of FOCUS

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