Duty of care during the COVID-19 pandemic – Legal aspects when working remotely and travelling

About the Webinar

Our guest speakers from Eversheds Sutherland in Germany and the United Kingdom, Dr. Manuela Rauch and Louise Lightfoot will provide you with a wide range of legal aspects to be considered during the pandemic.

During this session we will cover the requirements of a due diligence for remote workers and business travelers and answer the following questions:

  • What are the employer’s obligations and responsibilities with regard to business travel?

  • Am I allowed to travel to projects or customer meetings despite the rapidly changing situation in times of the COVID-19 crisis?

  • What are the consequences if the company’s HR team allows or denies its employees business trips?

  • Can I force employees to travel to COVID-19 risk areas if I follow the legal and health regulations?

  • What does duty of care mean when working from home? What are the limitations? What are the duties of both parties?
  • Gilbert Leb

    Host and Regional Sales Manager Safeture (DACH)

  • Dr Mauela Rauch

    Dr Manuela Rauch - Partner, Human Resources Practice Group, Eversheds Sutherland Germany

  • Louise Lightfoot

    Partner, Human Resources Practice Group, Eversheds Sutherland UK

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