Free Webinar for parents who can't believe how much college actually costs, and are freaking out about how to pay for it!  Brought to you by Lockwood College Prep.

How to "Hide" Your Money from the Financial Aid Office... you can comfortably afford to send your kiddo to his/her "Dream School" without cutting back on your lifestyle, racking up huge amounts of debt or selling a kidney!

The Truth About College Tuition Discounts

In this brand-new presentation, we'll take you through a "deep dive" of the legal and ethical "loopholes" in the financial aid formulas that could help you slash the insanely high cost of college... that you can comfortably afford to send your kids to the colleges they deserve WITHOUT scrimping your lifestyle, raiding your retirement or burdening them (or you) with high rate, high fee student and parent loans!

On this presentation you will discover:

  • Financial Aid "Shelters"

    4.5 legal loopholes you can use to "hide" your savings from the financial aid office, so they don't penalize you for doing the right thing by saving for your kids!

  • How to Negotiate with a College that Stiffed You

    The art of the financial aid appeal

  • The Non-Politically Correct Truth About Who Gets Aid

    What if you don't qualify for financial aid, is it over?  You might be pleasantly surprised when you discover who gets college tuition discounts, in real life!

  • FAFSA, CSS Profile and Other Applications

    How do you apply for financial aid, WHEN are your deadlines, WHICH financial aid applications must you complete, more

  • Andy Lockwood

    Author, co-founder, Lockwood College Prep

  • Pearl Lockwod

    Financial Aid Expert, co-founder, Lockwood College Prep

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