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How to get ultra-pure hydrogen efficiently with a Palladium Membrane

In this webinar HMT will share the unique feature of Palladium and how it can be used for the purification of hydrogen in various applications.
It will be shown how a Palladium Membrane works and how the hydrogen can be purified. In several case studies,
HMT will provide interesting insights how this new hydrogen purification technology can solve difficult hydrogen purification issues.


Stephan Laux woks for nearly 25 years in the Hydrogen business and has a brought knowledge in hydrogen purification technologies.
During his career, Stephan was responsible for the design, sales and aftermarket for various hydrogen purification systems for the refining and Petro-chemical industry.
Currently he is working with his clients to solve hydrogen purification challenges in the new green and blue hydrogen space.

PREMIUM PARTNERS of Hydrogen Moves:

PARTNERS of Hydrogen Moves:
ARGO ANLEG | Efficientics - hydrogen safety consulting | F. Laeisz | Hexagon Purus | Hydrogeit Verlag | Paul Group | TAE - Technische Akademie Esslingen | Tyczka Hydrogen GmbH | water stuff & sun

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  • Learn about new advanced technologies for purifying hydrogen.

  • Get an understanding on the different H2 purity levels.

  • Get your questions on your hydrogen purification issues answered by an H2 expert.

  • Stephan Laux

    Hydrogen Mem-Tech AS | Business Development Manager

  • Silke Frank

    Hydrogen Moves GmbH | Owner and Managing Director

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