How to Preserve Your Estate With a "Living Trust"
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Attorney Jonathan Alexander will explain, in simple terms, how proper planning can benefit your family.  He has prepared numerous estate plans for California families over the years — his webinar is "highly informative and will be well worth your time!"

In This Webinar, You'll Find Out...

  • How a trust may transfer your assets to your family quickly, avoiding probate and minimizing taxes.

  • How to protect your assets and your children’s inheritance,​​​​​​​ by avoiding potential lawsuits and creditors.

  • How to help ensure your assets are managed as you desire in the event you become ill, disabled, or incapacitated.

  • How to maintain the privacy of your estate, so no one can see the details of your estate and what you left to whom.

  • And lots more!

  • Jonathan Alexander, Attorney

    Irvine, CA

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