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CH2 Gas Containment
Solutions and Components

Worthington's Webinar on Compressed Hydrogen Gas Containment Solutions and Components is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of commercialized cylinder types, pros and cons, onboard fueling systems, selecting the right gas street components, mobile and stationary gas storage solutions, and alternative solutions to small-scale mobile refueling. The content has been optimized for both newcomers to the industry and seasoned specialists.


Radiša Nunić works for Worthington Enterprises as Director of Composite Market Development. He holds a BA degree in Electrotechnics with focus on Renewable Energies
For over two decades, his personal and professional passion has been renewable energies, alternative drive trains and gas containment solutions. Radiša’s work at Worthington Industries' Sustainable Energy Solutions business unit is assisting the deployment of CNG and H2-onboard fueling systems in the sustainable mobility and off-highway sectors, as well as the deployment of cutting-edge gas containment solutions for mobile and stationary applications. Worthington’s experienced Engineers, Sales Team and Radiša are in close collaboration with vehicle manufacturers and other stakeholders to further promote the technological change from Diesel/Gasoline to H2.

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PARTNERS of Hydrogen Moves:
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  • Learn more about the importance of the components utilized within a gas street to ensure gas cleanlines.

  • For everybody who wants to know more about various applications of composite cylinders in the automotive and industrial gases industry.

  • Radiša Nunić

    Worthington Enterprises | Director of Composite Market Development

  • Silke Frank

    Hydrogen Moves GmbH | Owner and Managing Director

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