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  • “Nearly three in every five young jobseekers are currently unable to find work. Overall, 919,000  fewer  15-to-34-year olds had jobs in Q2 2021 than in Q4 2019.1  If anything, these unprecedented  unemployment  figures  understate  the  extent of the difficulties faced by South Africa’s young people.”
                                                      The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE)                                                           Report on“Why we are failing to connect young                                                                 people to work”                                                                                                                                                                 September 2021

    South Africa’s official unemployment rate in the second quarter of 2021 is 34.4%, whilst the expanded definition of unemployment (which includes people who were available for work but not looking for a job) is at 44.4%. This crisis requires urgent action now.
    Join us at this crucial webinar as we discuss and unpack actionable solutions to tackle youth unemployment.
    •    How can we ensure that young people’s journey to finding and keeping jobs         is not riddled with roadblocks?
    •    How can employers and organisations from both the private and public               sector be part of the solution?
    •    How can academia and policy-makers find ways to help young people                   overcome current challenges and barriers to meaningful employment?
    •    How can we improve certification rates, lower the cost of job-seeking, and           strengthen public employment programmes outcomes?
    •    What is the role that Technical and Vocational Colleges play in tackling                  unemployment while addressing skill mismatch?
    •    Can we leverage technology and collaborations to unlock jobs for young               people?

    The 2021 edition of Youth Capital’s annual publication, Unlock Jobs: Clearing Roadblocks to Youth Employment, will also be launched during the webinar. Attendees will have access to valuable insights and thorough analysis of the small shifts that each of us can make to help secure a brighter future for South African youth. Together, we can solve youth unemployment!

    ​​​​​​​Who should attend – youth, private sector, government, academia, NGOs and civil society: 
    •    Young professionals
    •    Development practitioners
    •    Decision-makers
    •    Policy makers
    •    Researchers
    •    Educators
    •    Government officials 
    •    Business owners and employers
    •    Anyone who is concerned about youth unemployment and would like to be         part of the solution.

  • Khaya Sithole
    Chartered Accountant, academic, activist, writer, and radio host

    Khaya Sithole is a Chartered Accountant, academic, activist, writer, and radio host. A graduate of UKZN and Oxford University, Khaya's work in the media arena includes political and economic commentary and corporate events facilitation. He is the radio host on Power FM, a Johannesburg-based radio station.

  • Kristal Duncan-Williams 
    Project Lead for Youth Capital​​​​​​​

    Kristal Duncan-Williams is the Project Lead for Youth Capital, a youth-led advocacy campaign to reduce youth unemployment. A Mandela Rhodes Scholar, Kristal is a researcher and an advocate for youth development. She has over ten years’ experience in research-driven advocacy and is passionate about making data accessible and engaging for everyone. Kristal’s work focuses on unlocking the untapped potential of young South Africans. She believes that quality education, healthcare, and employment are the critical building blocks for a thriving society.

  • Waseem Carrim​​​​​​​
    Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Development Agency

    Waseem Carrim is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Development Agency. Waseem is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He completed his MBA through Wits Business School.  He previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of the NYDA, as well as held roles at the University of Pretoria and KPMG. He is also an Independent Member of the Audit Committee at Brand South Africa and the Health and Welfare SETA.

  • Leànne Viviers ​​​​​​​
    Founder of Mintor

    Leànne is a passionate social entrepreneur and tech innovator with 20 years’ experience in IT, Operations, Strategy, and Business Development across Africa, UK and the USA. After 11 years abroad and having obtained her MBA at Oxford University, she returned to South Africa to pursue her passion for devising sustainable solutions that would make a significant difference on youth unemployment. Subsequently she founded Mintor, an award-winning tech company that develops and deploys chat-based solutions that empower millions from developing communities in Africa and beyond.

  • Kiru Truman

    Kiru Truman has more than twenty-five years of experience in the education sector. She has worked as a lecturer/facilitator, assessor and moderator at both Further Education and Higher Education levels in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Training in Lifelong Learning from Stellenbosch University and is currently working on her PhD; her focus is on the work integrated learning component of select TVET college programmes and college curricula. Kiru is an author and voice coach who has published over thirty academic textbooks and lecturer guides and has extensive experience as both a teacher and writer in this field.

  • About Youth Capital ​​​​​​​
    Youth Capital is a youth-led advocacy campaign to reduce youth unemployment. In its 2020 Annual Publication, Youth Capital launched the Action Plan, a shared and focused response to tackle youth unemployment. Grounded in both young people’s experiences of youth unemployment and the evidence and research available, the Action Plan prioritises ten systemic challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that young South Africans have the skills, opportunities and support to get their first decent job. In our current context, the Action Plan provides a national map to tackle the crisis of youth unemployment.


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