Cityzenith Webinar Series in Partnership with Cities Today  -
​​​​​​​Urban Digital Twins impact on the Race to Zero

New York City - A Digital Twin Model
Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen, Agile Fractal Grid CEO John Reynolds and Cities Today Editor Sarah Wray discuss a ground-breaking project at the iconic Brooklyn Navy Yard site in New York City, and how it will show how a Digital Twin platform can enable buildings of any size, type, or age to significantly cut operating costs and carbon emissions.

  • • Brooklyn Navy Yard – A Digital Twin Model
    Hear about how an investment of $0.10 per sq.ft will unlock $3-$5 per sq.ft in savings with a shortened payback schedule of 3-5 years on retrofit investments

    • Clean Cities – Clean Future Objectives
    Just six months after the initiative’s launch, Cityzenith are now onboarding high-profile cities - providing them with their own Digital Twin platform to drive down carbon emissions, maximise savings and improve efficiency, with over 100 cities already actively seeking involvement in the program.

    • Find out how Digital Twins are set to save $280bn for city planners alone in the next five years

    A new report by global tech market advisory firm ABI Research, says the cost benefits alone could be worth $280bn by 2030 by using Digital Twins for more efficient urban planning.

    • Hear about the huge benefits for urban infrastructure
    Digital Twin Technology can cut the operating costs by 35%, boost productivity by 20%, and   reduce carbon emissions by 50-100%, according to a recent Ernst & Young report. 

    • The Digital Twin AI Technology Market is set to explode
    Markets & Markets estimates that the Digital Twin market will grow from $3.1 billion in 2020 to $48.2 billion per year by 2026, at an annual CAGR of 58%, with Cityzenith named as a major player in this high growth tech sector. 

    • Learn how the World Economic Forum is accelerating the use of Digital Twin technology
    The WEF has recognised the importance of urban Digital Twins’ impact on carbon emissions as well as the vast economic upsides for building asset owners and infrastructure – Cityzenith have recently been announced as the official Digital Twin partner of the WEF – as well as one of their Top 100 Global Innovators. 

    • Hear how the initiative is gaining international attention
    The Clean Cities - Clean Future initiative has generated huge interest and attention, having been featured in Forbes, BBC, INC Magazine, Market Insider, Morning Star, Informed Infrastructure, Bloomberg, and Smart Cities World as well as Cities Today.  
  • Michael Jansen

    Founder and CEO of Cityzenith

  • John Reynolds

    CEO Agile Fractal Grid

  • Sarah Wray

    Editor Cities Today

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