Impact Investing in Water
Backing technology innovations that address the 
​​​​​​​foundation of healthy homes and safe communities

​​​​​​​About This Repartee

FLOW is hosting a webinar focused on how impact investors can play an important role in accelerating innovations that address the needs of the water needs of world’s most vulnerable communities. This repartee-style discussion emerged out of recent exchanges with individuals who have experience in communities that simply can’t afford technologies that ensure safer and healthier households, schools, and neighborhoods. Some innovations are high-tech, yet some have been around for ages; however, for many communities, innovative technology solutions to water quality and quantity challenges are simply elusive.

What's the topic of repartee discussion? 
Featured repartee participants will introduce their mission, elaborate on their thesis, and provide examples of where and how to get into this realm and start making a difference. The discussion will cover trends and specific niche opportunities featured participants find compelling, and also cover challenges unique to impact investing in opportunities relating to water and/or wastewater. 

​​​Who are the featured participants? 

Kevin Sofen, W.S. Darley & Co (Moderator)


Michael Fields, Green Thumb Industries

John Robinson, Mazarine Ventures

​​​​​​​John McIntyre, American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact

Margaret Bowman, Spring Point Partners

​​​Why should you spend an hour with us?  
We have assembled a group of dynamic impact investors who will 
introduce their background and focus, then engage in a discussion about where and how the broader investment community can make real social impact via a focus on technology innovations that improve the use and management of water.  The unscriped, but moderated, discussion will cover where and how technologies are helping improve water quality, manage urban flooding, detect leaky plumbing, and more. You will have opportunities to ask questions of the participants using the chat functionality.   
What is FLOW?      
FLOW is a media channel highlighting individuals who are entrepreneurial in addressing the world’s most pressing water/wastewater challenges. Spanning technology, engineering, research, policy, investment, and non-profit, the individuals recognized in FLOW have created something out of nothing, built a community, challenged the status quo, or simply exhibit a passion for some aspect of water/wastewater that has become their life’s work.   ​Visit the FLOW YouTube page

FLOW is excited to be partnering on this repartee with W.S Darley & Co and Current , and part of Current's Chicago Water Week (CWW).

What is Chicago Water Week?     
CWW is five days of virtual events highlighting the critical role of water in Chicago’s environment, economy, and society. From September 28 to October 2, 2020, participate in a wide-range of inspiring, water-focused events, featuring regional leaders, policymakers, innovators, researchers, and industry veterans. CWW is an opportunity to build your connections to cross-sector water leaders, discover novel ideas and technologies, and be inspired to solve the big water challenges affecting our region and the world. To learn more about CWW program offerings and to register, click here

  • Kevin Sofen

    W.S. Darley & Co (Moderator)

  • Michael Fields


  • John Robinson


  • John McIntyre


  • Margaret Bowman


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