How to Motivate and Manage Contact Centre Agents in the New Normal

About The Webinar

As the dust begins to settle on a very stressful past three months for businesses, Britannic Technologies will be taking a look at how you can motivate and manage your agents in the new normal.
COVID-19 resulted in a serious influx in customer enquiries across various industries and now the strain is set to increase again with the threat of agents not coming back after being furloughed. So, the question is; how are you going to increase the engagement of the agents you have left? A Gallup survey showed that companies with an average of 9.3 engaged employees for every actively disengaged employee earn 147% more than their competitors.
This webinar will provide some psychological insights from a practitioner and take a dive into the world of gamification within the contact centre, with an overview and live demo of Britannic’s REWARDS solution. Using the science of gamification, the solution helps to stimulate the reward centre of your brain.


12:00 – Introduction from UKCCF
                  Chantelle Newton, UKCCF​​​​​​​
12:05 – Introduction from Britannic Technologies
                  Jonathan Sharp, Britannic Technologies
12:10 – Current motivational challenges
                 Gillan Ide, Britannic Technologies
12:20 – Can Work Psychology Help Shape the New Normal?
                  Carl Francis, European Operations Director, Podium Systems
12:35 – Enter, Gamification: REWARDS Demonstration
                 Gillan Ide, Britannic Technologies  
12:50 – Q&A
                 Chaired by Chantelle Newton, UKCCF
13:00 – Close

  • Chantelle Newton

    Marketing Manager, UKCCF

  • Jonathan Sharp

    Sales and Marketing Director, Britannic Technologies

  • Gillan Ide

    Digital Solutions Specialist, Britannic Technologies

  • Carl Francis

    European Operations Director, Podium Systems

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