FREE 90 min Power Webinar | THURSDAY 2 JULY 2020
1pm London | 2pm Amsterdam | 8pm Singapore | 10pm Sydney

'Change your World. Change your Story.'

This special 90 minutes Power Webinar I have invited Chris Baldwin again for a deep dive master class to be the speaker you want to be. He will share with you the 4 Lessons to Become a Powerful Speaker!

It is more important than before to find your purpose and personal story to get your message accros. Your ability to get your ideas across through communication is foundational to driving your results, your growth and your success.
Most of us fail at doing this effectively because of our fear of public speaking ie. Presenting in front of a group of people. 
How hard could this be? For many, it’s a daunting task and what you will learn in this webinar is that it does not have to be, if you know how. 
“Anything is possible - if you know how” - my dad.
What if there was a simple method for you to be heard and for you to gaining the courage and confidence to get up on stage and drive results both at a personal and professional level in your organizations or own business as an entrepreneur?
I don’t believe you need to know everything about public speaking to be a powerful speaker and communicator. It all distills down into 4 key components that make up 80% (or more) of what you need to know to get started and deliver a powerful speech or share a powerful story that can inspire and move people towards success.
These are the 4 biggest lessons I can give you right now that will drastically impact your speaking and communication skills and have you well on your way to becoming the best speaker you can be. 
Here are the 4 main things that will transform the way you speak from any stage:
Your ability to manage your nerves and get over your fear of stage fright.
Your ability to remember your talk and present dynamically through story maps.
Your ability to connect and build rapport with everyone who is listening.
Your ability to leverage story in order to create emotional connection and memory retention.

  • Chris Baldwin

    Founder 10xSPEAKER, Enabling your growth with powerful speaking

  • Maurice Van der Kant

    Founder with a mission is to empower the purpose driven speakers and connect them to global events to make the world a better place.

  • Renske Van Kollenburg

    Webinar Host, Speaker, International DJ, [Music] journalist, who has been working with leading artists such as Armin van Buuren, Nile Rodgers, Will.i.Am, Tiësto, Boy George and Avicii.

  • Why is it important to Find your Personal Story?

  • How do you Find your Own Personal Story?

  • How to Manage your Nerves and Get over your Fear of Stage Fright?

  • How to Remember your Talk and Present dynamically through Story Maps?

  • How to Connect and Build Rapport with Everyone who is Listening?

  • How to Leverage your Story in order to Create Emotional Connection and Memory Retention?

  • About Chris Baldwin

    ​​​​​​​Chris Baldwin was born in Port Vila, Vanuatu. A small tropical Island in the middle of nowhere. He started life as an adventure and never stopped exploring its incredible wonders. Now he lives in The Netherlands.
    In 2007 Chris Baldwin successfully defended his PhD thesis in Medicine on HIV/AIDS. He describes the first finding of a drug dependent HIV-1 virus and a candidate vaccine to fight HIV/AIDS.
    After several year working in the Health and Marketing industry he decided in 2018 to start a new journey as a speaker. Chris speaks as a technology evangelist, brand ambassador and futurist. His TEDtalk made him "The fastest growing speaker in the Netherlands for 2018". Chris Baldwin is on a mission. As Founding boardmember he focuses on people with meaningful stories. Last year Chris Baldwin founded 10xSpeaker, a community of ambitious leaders looking at making a difference through speaking.

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