5 Tips for Increasing and Preserving
​​​​​​​Cash Flow for your Small Business

  • Cash flow: Importance, economic trends and insights on what is happening globally and locally.

  • Impact on South African SMEs pre and post COVID-19

  • Deep dive into 5 tips to help Small Businesses increase and preserve cash flow.

    ​​​​​​​1) Pay smart: core insights; safer and easier ways for Small Businesses to make payments to “protect” their cash flow – equally as important as increasing cash flow.

    2) Get paid on time: acceptance insights; Small Businesses in need of receiving payments more quickly and easily to lessen the “burden” of chasing payments and increase cash flow more immediately.

    3) Access capital: lending insights; Small Businesses in need of working capital and overcoming hurdles of not being approved for loans or not knowing where to turn for help or next steps.
    4) Digitize: digital trends and insights; Small Businesses in need of access to digital tools and resources to keep up with changes in economic and consumer shifts to keep their business afloat
    5) Start today: steps that your Small Business can take today to make progress in the right direction, regardless of shape or size.


  • Andrea Gilman

    Global SME Segment Lead - Mastercard

  • Mike Anderson

    NSBC Founder & CEO

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