Trace Talks #5: Let Farmers Get their Fair Share

About the webinar

The meals we enjoy every day are the final product of one of humanity’s most elaborate operations: the global food system. This system is an immensely complex web of activities and actors. By now we all know that the ones at the very beginning of the production chains are notoriously underpaid, whereas at the other end of the chain, big food companies and retailers take home the profit. Is there a way to reshape food supply chains?

In this episode of Trace Talks, we will explore the current standing of the farmer in the agricultural supply chain hierarchy, and investigate how we may distribute value more evenly. By looking at a case study, we investigate how transparency and traceability can help reshape value distribution.

What you will learn:

  • Why is fair value distribution in the food supply chain important?  How do smallholder farmers fit into the big picture of global food production.
  • What is the current state of value distribution in food supply chains? We discuss the causes, influences and consequences of inequitable distribution of value.
  • How can transparency be a solution to create fairer supply chains? Learning from best practices by looking at a case study.
  • Isa Miralles

    Living wage and income lead at Fairfood

  • Channa Brunt

    Head of Marketing and Communications at Fairfood

  • Laura Kent

    Responsible Sourcing Manager at Tesco

  • Amie N´Dong

    CEO and Co-founder of Social Vanilla

  • Linda Klunder

    Co-founder of Kumasi Drinks

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