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Why publisher traffic numbers are damaging the Public Relations industry reputation 

About The Webinar

AMEC members and fellow PRCA Innovation teammates Stella Bayles and Andrew Smith have teamed up this AMEC Measurement Month to host a webinar that invites PR pros to take a new view on the reach of their campaigns.

Through research and insight from inhouse marketing leads, Andrew and Stella will reveal why using publisher traffic numbers in PR measurement could be damaging your reputation as a practitioner and how PR is viewed in the marketing evaluation.

Andrew Smith, director, Escherman will reveal research and findings on the uncomfortable truth of coverage reach and how many people really reads media coverage. 

Stella, co-founder of PR reporting tool CoverageBook, will share insight from marketing attribution analysts and in-house marketing budget holders on why ‘reach’ is actually limiting the growth of Public Relations.

​​​​​​​Together, Stella and Andrew will share:

  • How to track & report on more realistic traffic and views​​​​​​​

  • Why smaller reach numbers lead to bigger budgets 

  • ​​​​​How to calculate PR value using media and social coverage views

  • Stella Bayles

    Webinar Host

  • Andrew Smith

    Webinar Host

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