Surface Chemistry: Certificate Course materials
​​​​​​​from the South African Society

About the Webinar

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists South Africa (COSCHEM) has offered a certificate course in cosmetic chemistry for over 20 years. This 2-year, 50+ module course provides a solid technical and non-technical overview for those looking to enter our industry, including chemists from other fields.

COSCHEM has generously agreed to share several course modules a year with IFSCC Members. 

This webinar: COSCHEM's Surface Chemistry material

Topics to be covered include:

- the colloidal state 

- the forces that exist at interfaces

- adsorption isotherms and monolayers.

- contact angle

- methods used to determine surface tension

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About Jacques Strydom, Presenter

Jacques completed his degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch in 2013. His final year dissertation as well as further studies were focused on Microbiological Engineering in the field of biofuels, where he studied microalgae conversion to biodiesel as well as starch conversion to bioethanol. His career took a turn when he started working as an R&D Manager in 2016 at a FMCG manufacturing company in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

In December 2018, he joined the dynamic AECI Specialty Chemicals team as the technical manager for Personal care and home care. Other than his professional aspirations in science, Jacques loves creating: Whether it be music,  art, woodwork, electronics, photography or 3D renderings.

About Dr. Tony Gough, Guest Scientist

Leading today's Question & Answer period is our Guest Scientist, Dr. Tony Gough. Tony has been on the IFSCC Praesidium since 2016, first as Treasurer and now on the Presidential track. He represents the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (UK-Ireland) and works at Innospec in Chester, England.

  • Perry Romanowski

    Webinar Host and IFSCC Education Chair

  • Jacques Strydom, AECI Specialty Chemicals

    Presenter, COSCHEM

  • Dr. Tony Gough, IFSCC Committee Member

    Guest Scientist

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