Dave Luehr's Elite Body Shop Solutions presents...

Elite Body Shop Systems Made Simple - Part 2

Operating a turn-key business means everyone knows their job and you, as the owner or manager, spend more time growing it instead of working in it. This isn’t just a dream!  

Now that we know the 4 steps to building a successful operating system from part 1 (and you’ve started building your playbook!) let’s discuss the road to successful implementation for both the system itself and with your team.

Even if you missed part 1, sign-up and join us! You can watch the replay of part 1 by signing up at https://elitebodyshopsolutions.com/ews. 

  • Dave Luehr

    Founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions & Author of 'The Secrets of America's Greatest Body Shops'

  • Brent Henkle

    Elite Body Shop Solutions Training Manager

  • Implementing your Playbook one step at a time.​​​​​​​

  • Training and testing recommendations.

  • Simple auditing systems to ensure compliance.

  • Getting the team's 'buy-in'.

  • Measuring success.

  • Accountability and coaching.

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