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About The Webinar

CEO Clubs Network is conducting a series of  Webinars to help CEOs and Business Leaders overcome challenges and lead efficiently through these difficult times.

We will have our 3 valued members and experts to share their insights and guide us on the following topics:

  • Blueprint for the New Exceptional

    Mr. Lyndon Dsilva, General Manager - MEA of Concentrix will guide us  through a framework to address the 3 major challenges we face today:

    1. Increase Revenue
    2. Cost optimization
    3. Deliver Exceptional Customer experiences while balancing the first 2
  • Transforming Health Insurance through Automation - A Paradigm Shift from the Traditional Offerings

    COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the entire economies of the world and has influenced almost all business sectors including insurance. This crisis has raised several unique challenges which are being faced today. Healthcare and health insurance are in a state of flux. Health insurers are facing the enormous challenge of transforming themselves from narrowly focused payers of claims to purveyors of a broad array of services required by the policyholders. The crisis is expected to further accelerate the shift to digital and direct distribution channels as social distancing will remain in place for some time until this pandemic is completely settled.

    Mr. Aftab Hasan – Secretary General of Insurance Business Group (IBG) & CEO of Arya Insurance Brokerage Co. (Bayzat) will speak about the breakthrough technologies spearheading the insurance landscape with the advancement of digitalization and automization in the health insurance sector.

  • Digital Learning Maturity

    Mr. Mohammed  Shabeer, Regional Business Partner of Exelledia Management Consultancy will guide is on  ​how organizations are transforming themselves from traditional learning methods to digital learning approaches, in a cost effective, sustainable and scalable manner with less logistical challenges.

    A method to know and adopt for small and big organizations alike with insights on conversion of Physical to Virtual Learnings through Gamified Learning ,Animated Storylines, AR and Virtual Reality platforms.

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