Why Civics? Why Now? Re-Imagining
​​​​​​​Civic Education for the Next Generation

A healthy constitutional democracy requires a citizenry that has the knowledge, skills, and desire to participate in it. Motivate and guide students to become civic-minded members of society by providing more instructional time for civics that seamlessly integrates into ELA blocks.

Join Emma Humphries, Ph.D., Chief Education Officer for iCivics, as she dives into the research-based connections between civic knowledge and reading comprehension. TCM and iCivics have partnered to produce relevant, engaging, and classroom-ready resources designed to empower students to hone both their literacy and civics knowledge simultaneously!


  • Emma Humphries, Ph.D.

    Emma Humphries is Chief Education Officer and Deputy Director of Field Building for iCivics, the education non-profit founded by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to reinvigorate civic learning through free, interactive learning resources. In her dual role, Emma serves as iCivics’ pedagogical expert, ensures its resources evolve to a place of greater equity and deeper learning for all students, and advocates for more and better civic education across the country.

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