How to Approach College Essays (UCAS/Common App) and Extracurriculars & Community Work

About the Webinar

​​​​​Looking to apply to college next year (or in 2023 / 2024)?

​​​​​​Without college essays and extracurricular activities lists, colleges would be limited to grades, class rank, and ACT and SAT scores to make their admissions decisions.

Given that so many students with strong numbers apply to college each year, it’s important for your child to use the Essays and Activities section to develop an application theme—that is, to highlight their “X factor” and specialties.

Learn how to approach the College Essays (focus on UCAS & Common App) and Extracurricular Activities (focus on Community Work) while preparing for college admissions.

  • Yuri Punj

    Webinar Host & Moderator (Ex Harvard & Colgate University)

  • Priyamvada Agarwal

    College Admission Counsellor (Ex Cambridge)

  • Mandeep Kaur

    Founder, TribesforGOOD and Student Mentor

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