The future of philanthropy in Africa

Where is African philanthropy headed?

Africa has had to deal with the effects of the pandemic, growing inequality (which the pandemic has made worse) and the growing threat of climate change. In addition, individual African countries have faced their own challenges. How has African philanthropy coped with these problems and what shape should it take to deal with those that lie ahead? 

This event is part of Alliance’s special 25th anniversary series, exploring what the future of philanthropy holds in six different regions across the world. This webinar, in partnership with Africa Philanthropy Network and WINGS, will focus on Africa and explore the following questions. 

  • How can African societies draw on their traditions of mutual aid and horizontal giving to counter the problems that afflict their communities and can these be adapted to more modern notions of community and online forms of giving?

  • Given those traditions, how can more formal community philanthropy organisations (like community foundations) provide a way forward, both for raising resources and stimulating local agency?

  • Recent research suggests that wealthy Africans, with certain notable exceptions, play only a limited role in the continent’s philanthropy. Why is this and what is needed to encourage them to step forward?

  • What can African philanthropists and philanthropic organisations learn from Covid-19 about the need to support healthcare in their countries?

  • What are the most urgent areas for the attention of African philanthropy?

  • How does the ecosystem need to evolve to promote more effective philanthropy in the future?

  • Jenny Hodgson

    Executive Director of Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF), Board Member of Africa Philanthropy Network

  • Caesar Ngule

    Programmes Director, Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF)

  • Bhekinkosi Moyo

    Director and Adjunct Professor of the Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI), Wits Business School

  • Stigmata Tenga

    Executive Director, Africa Philanthropy Network (APN)

  • Andrew Milner

    Associate Editor, Alliance magazine

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