H2 Giga, H2 Mare, TransHyDE – The German Green Hydrogen Flagship Projects

Free Webinar
November 23, 2022 - 10 am in Berlin, 1 am in Los Angeles, 5pm in Shanghai​​​​​​​

H2 Giga, H2 Mare and TransHyDE are the green hydrogen flagship projects of the German government. With an overall funding of € 700 million, the three flagship projects envision the production of electrolyzers, of green hydrogen in offshore wind power plants and an initial infrastructure for import and export of hydrogen and its derivatives.

H2 Giga: H2Giga focuses on establishing the series production of electrolyzers. Together, established manufacturers of electrolyzers, suppliers from various technology sectors (including many small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as research institutions and universities are working on the advancement of existing electrolysis technologies. The following technologies will be covered:

PEM electrolysis
Alkaline electrolysis (AEL)
High-temperature electrolysis (HTEL)

Furthermore, research aims to further develop anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysis.

H2 Mare: H2 Mare strive to integrate the water electrolyzer directly into a wind turbine and thus provide innovative technologies to produce green hydrogen offshore.
Due to the numerous advantages of offshore production, H2Mare also works on solutions to directly produce secondary products such as green methanol or green ammonia in addition to green hydrogen (i.e. offshore power-to-X).

TransHyDE: TransHyDE will comprehensively develop transport technologies in a technology-neutral manner while considering various possible development paths. TransHyDE will separately test and scale up four transport technologies in demonstration projects:

Hydrogen transport in high-pressure containers
Hydrogen transport in existing and new gas pipelines
Transport of hydrogen bound in ammonia
Hydrogen transport by means of LOHC

To ensure that all these technologies become part of the overall energy system as quickly as possible, the flagship project seeks to initiate its own roadmap process.
In this webinar, Dr. Isabel Kundler, Folrian Hajdu, Dr. Matthias Müller and Jimmie Langham will present the three flagship projects and explain what your company can contribute.

  • Dr. Isabel Kundler

    Senior Advisor Electrochemistry at DECHEMA e.V.

  • Florian Hajdu

    Head of Hydrogen Business Development, Segment Power at MAN Energy Solutions SE

  • Dr. Matthias Müller

    Program Manager Offshore Hydrogen at Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG and H2Mare Coordinator

  • Jimmie Langham

    CEO of cruh21 GmbH and TransHyDE Coordinator

  • Dr. David Wenger

    Webinar Host and Founder, Mission Hydrogen

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