FREE Power Webinar [90 minutes] | THU 25 JUNE 2020
1pm London | 2pm Amsterdam / Cape Town | 8pm Singapore |
10pm Sydney | 8am New York / Toronto | 9am Austin, Texas |
​​​​​​​5am Los Angeles / Vancouver

Ancient Wisdom Secrets to Understand
Why Things Happen in Your Life!

After a very successful Power Webinar with Vikas Malkani and Adjiedj Bakas in May, we have received many questions about Vikas Malkani's NEW Karma Masterclass program.

This is why we have invited  Vikas Malkani again in this Exclusive "90 minutes" Power Webinar to tell you more about the Ancient Wisdom Secrets to Understand Why Things Happen in Your Life!

Karma is the Ancient Wisdom that reveals why things happen the way they do, whether positive or negative. So if you want to understand why things are the way they are, you need to understand Karma.

For those who still do not know him, Vikas Malkaniknown as 'Mr Wisdom', is recognized as one of the World’s Leading teachers of Wisdom, Meditation & Mindfulness. He has been called "The World’s #1 Wisdom Coach". Vikas [Bikas or Bikash] means expanding, progress or development in Sanskrit.
He is also a bestselling author whose books have been translated into multiple languages. Vikas Malkani has an amazing ability to simplify the complex Wisdom and make it relevant and easy to use.

1.Why the Covid-19 occurred?
2. Why Life is so difficult for you?
3. Why you Struggle to Produce the Results you want at work and in Business?
4.Why your Relationships follow a Predictable Pattern?
5. Why Happiness, Fulfilment and Success are missing from your life?

Gaining this Wisdom is like having an unfair advantage over others. Everything becomes easier, smoother and faster. And Vikas explains Karma like never before.

In this Webinar Vikas Malkani also shares UNIQUE FORMULAS and TOOLS so that you can immediately begin to benefit from this training. Once you understand Karma, Life wil never be the same again.

"Karma is the shortcut to making Life what we want it to be", says Vikas.

Get all your answers in this webinar with 'Mr Wisdom', Vikas Malkani.

The NEW Karma Master class is now available AS AN ON-LINE TRAINING PROGRAM that you can benefit from, at your own convenience, at your own pace. Click here to experience more.

"Learning about Karma with Vikas Malkani was absolutely amazing! 
The teaching is deep yet extremely simple. And it is very practical. 
I had many Aha moments during this training. It is an absolute treasure!"
Dr Narjes PhD
Award-winning Research scientist and international Author
Sydney, Australia

  • Vikas Malkani

    Wisdom & Wealth Guru, Bestselling Author and Founder SoulCentre® and SoulKids®

  • Maurice van der Kant

    Host, Assemblee Speakers, Founder

  • The NEW Karma Masterclass Program

  • Understanding Karma: The Formulas and Tools

  • About Vikas Malkani

    ​​​​​​​Vikas [Bikas or Bikash] means expanding, progress or development in Sanskrit. Vikas Malkani is recognized as one of the world’s leading teachers of wisdom, meditation & mindfulness.
    'You are the author of your own life story' says Vikas. With his deep understanding of life and beyond, he has inspired and helped business leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities from around the world.
    Vikas has the unique superpower to take the deepest wisdom and make it extremely simple to understand and apply, so you can start to see benefits quickly.
    Vikas is the founder of SoulCentre® and SoulKids®, award winning brands that have impacted and transformed people in over 23 countries. His bestselling books have have been translated into multiple languages.

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