How to ​​Easily Understand Your Numbers
​​​​​​​and Survive a Financial Crisis (Without Any Financial Skills!)

This live web event will give you the free tools you need to understand and stress test your numbers
without the need for financial expertise (or an accountant!)

Join Peter Boolkah and Joss Milner ​​​​as they share how to "Know Your Numbers" without any financial expertise needed!

Why is this so important? According to the head of the IMF we are potentially heading towards the worst economic crisis since the 1930’s depression. So register today and keep your business trading.

  • Financial Strategies Tools to Survive a Recession​​​​​​​
    Award winning Business Transition Coach, Peter Boolkah will help you get a grip on your numbers and share key survival strategies so you know what to do about your cash challenges before it's too late.

  • Discover What the Banks Really Want to See

    With over 300 banks globally using his software to assess the viability of funding a business, Joss will explain what the banks are looking for and more importantly, how seeing your numbers through the bank’s eyes will give you a better chance of securing funding.

  • Explore the Biggest Threats to Your Business Right Now

    Most businesses won't go bust during a recession. They go bust leaving a recession - and that’s why the most dangerous and critical part of a recession is actually when it ends.

  • Access the Cash Flow Story Stress Test for FREE

    In order to support business owners during this challenging time, every attendee will be able to access the FREE and private cash-flow stress-test. It will give you a far deeper understanding of your numbers without needing to be a financial expert.

    Not only do we need to figure out how to survive but also how to come out the other side in a position to quickly get back on track. 

  • Peter Boolkah

    Business Transition Coach

  • Joss Milner

    Co-Founder, Cash Flow Story

  • David Sargant

    Live Moderator

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