Career Planning during the pandemic | Second Session

About The Masterclass

Whether you are currently furloughed, working from home, panicking because your business is in freefall or you are super busy, many of us may find that the current pandemic crisis is causing us to reflect on our career choices and future career direction.

Erica Sosna and her team at Career Matters have years of experience in helping individuals to explore and navigate their career journey using their unique Career Equation® method.

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This masterclass is offered in partnership with Capability Jane. 
Capability Jane is a recruitment consultancy which specialises in flexible working. 

Established in 2007 they have been pioneering flexible and part-time working opportunities for 13 years.

They work with companies of all sizes and recruit for roles across all functions to bring roles to their candidates who are looking for flexibility in their careers.

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Come and join us on this FREE Masterclass where Erica will share her insights and tips on looking for opportunities despite the crisis, exploring what careers success looks and feels like for you and how to continue to make progress whilst everything may feel in a state of flux.

Outcomes: ​​​​​​​

  • Discover why the current COVID19 crisis presents 
    opportunities for career shifts

  • Learn how to evaluate your current career state and define your career success factors using The Career Equation®

  • Take away a practical method for getting into action around your career

  • Erica Sosna

    Masterclass Host ★ Creator of The Career Equation® and CEO of Career Matters ★ Helped hundreds of professionals worldwide to change careers and find their ideal work ( USA, Singapore, UK, New Zealand, India and Australia) ★ Author of Your Life Plan (Wiley) and the forthcoming Career Equation (2021) ★ Career coach, leadership consultant and speaker on the future world of work ★ Clients include: Capital One, Mastercard, Savills and Dassault Systemes

  • Zoë Schofield

    Masterclass Host ★ Senior Career Consultant, Career Coach and Facilitator for Erica Sosna's Career Matters ★ Experienced private and public sector manager and transformation agent ★ Loves to help people thrive in their careers and explore who they are when at their best ★ Clients include: The Open University, AXA Group, SONY & Dorset Council

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