About The Webinar

You can make a significant and lasting difference in peoples’ lives without a professional clinical degree. As you sit with people, you have heard their stories, seen their struggles, felt their pain, and wanted to help. Maybe you have considered returning to school to become a professional therapist, but your season of life, time, or finances have made that impossible. But, you still want to help bring healing to hurting people. Story-informed Therapeutic Mentoring (SITM) can provide a path for you to enter into peoples’ stories in a life-changing way.

People’s pain is most often rooted in their unresolved stories. By becoming a Story-informed Therapeutic Mentor, you can step into their stories with training, confidence, and skill. Certification offers an additional level of preparation, equipping, and competence.
In this Training you will learn about:

  • The SITT Therapeutic Process. WAITING TO UPDATE

    • A comprehensive framework for viewing and understanding the trauma recovery process.

    • A step-by-step roadmap through a proven nine-stage evidence-based recovery model.

    • How to assess client’s presenting needs, case conceptualization, and effective treatment planning.

    • How to identify and evaluate progress markers in your client’s recovery.

    • The therapeutic use of stories, metaphors, modalities, objects and resources that improve treatment effectiveness.

    • How to maximize the limited time you spend with clients and promote learning well beyond the therapeutic hour.

    • How to identify therapist issues which impact treatment including transference, countertransference, therapist history, process dilemmas, and treatment cautions.

    • How to reduce client emergencies, establish and maintain healthy therapeutic boundaries, model healthy living and practice good self-care.

  • Trauma Impact. WAITING TO UPDATE

    • The features of PTSD and how clients express them in daily life and in the therapeutic process.

    • The common sequelae of complex trauma and key treatment issues critical to the recovery process with suggested interventions.

    • The impact of trauma on memory function and how to support clients in the telling of their stories and processing of their memories.

    • How to help clients with feeling identification, affect regulation, and the grieving process.

    • The motivations, thinking errors, and grooming process of sexual offenders.

    • The impact of childhood trauma on spiritual formation and development with suggested interventions.

  • Training Cost & Schedule

    • $499 - Standard Registration

    • $399 - Discounted Tuition for Verified Seminary Students

    • $250 - Alumni Review (All alumni receive an email with this discount code.)

      This training includes: WAITING TO UPDATE
      ●  3 full days of training, 10AM - 6PM Eastern / 7AM - 3PM Pacific, with 1-hour lunch break
      ​​​​​●  April 25, 26, & 27, 2024.
      ●  This event is not pre-recorded. Byron Kehler presents live and takes participant questions. 
      ​​​​​​​●  Access to  archive video files of your training for  reference.​​​​​​​

  • Required Prerequisite

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    In the registration form, select "REGISTER TO ALL DATES." This training is made up of six segments, and you must register for all of them.

  • Byron Kehler, M.S.


  • Marc Schelske

    Moderator & Producer

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