Duty of Care Restoring Trust for Travellers- Webinar 
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About The Webinar

Giving corporate travellers reasons to trust: hotel safety, duty of care and restoring traveller confidence​​​​​​​

Finding hotels your travellers can trust: the key questions you need to ask 

The critical importance of independent verification

​​​​​​​How you can build traveller confidence and get your people back on the road
  • To discuss how corporates give their travellers reasons to trust the hotels in your program – and to answer your questions – we have brought together a panel of experts in hotel safety, traveller support and corporate risk management.

  • The format: 30 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A
    Introduction by Jens Nasstrom

    Case study: Andy Williams

    Panel discussion: moderated by Jens Nasstrom  with Joachim Torngard and Dominic Bowen

  • Jens Nasstrom

    Content Director at Safeture

  • Joachim Torngard

    CEO Safehotels

  • Andy Williams

    VP Business Development and Quality Assurance for Safehotels

  • Dominic Bowen

    Global Security Consultant at 2Secure

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