What hides behind anxiety?
The Quantum Leap

Learn ​​​how to get through the invisible wall that separates you from real life.

This Workshop is for those who are eager to look beyond current life 'status quo' and open the door to its transformation via mindfulness practices.
Only 100 spots available for each online workshop. The availability will be checked upon registration.

  • Anna Sokol

    Workshop host, Mindfulness Practices Instructor at Givin School

  • Artem Pokatilov

    Workshop host, Mindfulness Practices Instructor at Givin School

  • Stop trying, start living!

    Learn how exactly anxiety separates us from life, limits our potential, energy levels, abilities, 
    and... what is hidden behind it.

  • Practical instruments

    We are going to give you a deep practice which will gradually allow you to purify your mindset and release the tension in the present moment. 

  • Immediate results

    90% of the participants feel the effect straight away.

  • Next steps and great takeaways 

    You will get practical tools that work. Also we will tell you about other methods and programs you may try for further development of consciousness. This may change your life forever, but this is a little secret ;-)
    Register now for FREE and we will see you there!

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