Green Hydrogen Production in Western Africa

Free Webinar
September 14, 2022 - 10 am in Berlin, 1 am in Los Angeles, 5 pm in Tokyo

Green hydrogen offers a way to store and transport huge amounts of clean energy – while diversifying the supply chain to countries with abundant renewable energy.

Western Africa offers huge opportunities for green hydrogen production from solar, wind and hydropower. The hydrogen could be used to supply clean energy to a growing population and to export it e.g. to Europe.

H2Atlas, a project managed by the German Ministry of Education and Research and two African Science Service Centers on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use, has developed an overview of the green hydrogen production potential of various regions in Africa, an interactive map and a roadmap for a hydrogen economy in Western Africa.

In this webinar, H2Atlas project manager Dr Solomon Nwabueze Agbo will explain their findings and strategies for decarbonizing Africa using green hydrogen, creating jobs and reducing the impact of climate change on Western Africa.

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  • Dr. Solomon Nwabueze Agbo

    Project Manger H2Atlas-Africa, Forschungszentrum Jülich

  • Dr. David Wenger

    Webinar Host and Founder, Mission Hydrogen

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