​​​​​​​Safeguarding your family and their devices​​​​​​​

Online parenting is a hugely important part of being a modern parent, and parental controls are an essential part of today’s parenting toolkit.

​​​​​​​Smart devices need smart solutions, and the Gryphon router is one of our tried, tested and highly recommended parental control options.

​​​​​​​By joining this webinar you’ll get great insights into what Gryphon can do to help you protect your family as they go online.

  • Set bedtimes and homework times
  • Limit social media and online games
  • Content filtering with crowd ranking
  • Enforce safe search on YouTube
  • Block / unblock websites anywhere
  • Suspend internet access
  • Josh Ramsey

    Webinar Host

  • Kate Farina

    Webinar Moderator

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