Digital transformation in small businesses
Robust digital business solutions

Join Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO) and Jenny Pather (Executive Head of Trading Bridge, Vodacom Financial Services) as they look at enabling small businesses to ride the next wave of transformation. Whether it’s a small merchant or massive retailer we all need to connect on a digital ecosystem.

Understanding the new business environment
·       What is the new normal business environment
·       Challenges facing SMEs (Old vs New) 

Streamline your business solutions modern technology
·       Big data, robotics etc.
·       Effective trend setting business solutions

Solving your business transformation challenges
·       Where are you on your digital journey?
·       Do you have a digital roadmap?
·       Identifying your digital transformation goals for the year
​​​​​​​·       Addressing your digital challenges effectively

  • Jenny Pather

    Executive Head of Trading Bridge, Vodacom Financial Services

  • Mike Anderson

    NSBC Founder & CEO, International Speaker, Author and Lifelong Entrepreneur

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