Financial Well-Being Series: Balancing School & Life

Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges Financial Well-Being Series

The ARIES Foundation for Financial Education, Inc is a nonprofit dedicated to the mission of trying to help everyone have a better relationship with their money.

About the webinar:

  • Time Management - skills to help you manage your day and schedule. How to set goals for yourself and tips to make them stick. 

  • Handling Finances- Worrying about your debt? Want to better at budgeting your money? Some strategies to help you overcome obstacles when dealing with your finances. 

  • Paanning For Now, Planning For The Future-  Yes, we all want to be saving more, but we also want to be living today.  The only way that you can take control and make this happen is by putting some goals in place. And the only way to achieve your goals is by having a plan.

  • Thomas Alessi

    Webinar Host

  • Craig Richardson

    Webinar Host

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