Spring Saturday: A Gathering of Choice Literacy Contributors
Meet our Speakers for Summer Institute: Choice 2020


Spend some time meeting ten of our Choice Literacy Contributors on this special virtual gathering. 

  • Sneak Peek of Sessions! Get a taste of Summer Institute by listening to a portion of a session. You will find practical ideas and loads of inspiration.

  • Backstories of Articles! We've linked free articles for each of our presenters. Some will share "beyond the page" of how they were inspired and what's happened since writing their articles.

  • Insights on the Importance of Choice! It's not a coincidence that the theme of our conference is CHOICE for a gathering of Choice Literacy contributors. Choice is the fuel for engagment of readers and writers. Some contributors will share their insights and practical application of choice in their work with students and/or adults.

  • Schedule
    9:00     Gretchen Schroeder
    9:30     Dana Murphy
    10:00  Tara Barnett & Kate Mills
    10:30  David Pittman
    ​​​​​​​11:00  Jen Schwanke
    ​​​​​​​11:30  Bitsy Parks
    ​​​​​​​12:00  Cathy Mere
    12:30  Mark Levine
    ​​​​​​​1:00     Christy Rush-Levine

  • Ruth Ayres, Webinar Host

    Director of The Lead Learners

  • Inga Omondi, Webinar Host

    EL and Tech Instructional Coach at Tippecanoe Valley School District, Indiana

  • Bitsy Parks

    First Grade Teacher, Oregon

  • Cathy Mere

    Leads Instructional Coaches, Ohio

  • Christy Rush Levine

    Middle School Language Arts Teacher, Illinois

  • Dana Murphy

    Fifth Grade Teacher, Illinois

  • David Pittman

    Elementary Instructional Coach, Illinois

  • Gretchen Schroeder

    11th & 12th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Ohio

  • Jen Schwanke

    Elementary Principal, Ohio

  • Tara Barnett and Kate Mills

    Teacher and Instructional Coach, New Jersey

  • Mark Levine

    Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Illinois

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