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Transforming Health & Safety
​​​​​​​Communication and Training​​​​​​​

Why your employees understanding the 'Big Picture' is more important than ever

Transform the way you engage your employees in your health and safety culture. Find out how you can make health and safety training and communications something that employees actively and enthusiastically participate in. Win “hearts and minds” by developing a health and safety culture that shifts from “compliance” to “conviction”.

In this practical and informative session we’ll show you how you can add a new dimension to health and safety education and communication, helping you to raise awareness of health and safety within your organisation and supporting the development of a behavioural based safety culture.

Who will benefit?
- Senior H&S Directors, Managers and Leaders
- Operational leaders
- Senior HR Managers and Directors
- Training/Learning and Development Managers, Directors and Leaders

In this practical and interactive session, we will explore the following:​​​​​​​

  • Conventional H&S training is dull

    Find out why conventional health and safety training and communication fails to engage or be effective

  • It's about the conversation

    We will look at the role of dialogue and conversation in culture and behavioural safety programmes

  • How to make your training and comms fun and engaging

    We will look at the use of gamification techniques in helping engage employees in your health and safety culture

Webinar Host
This session will be facilitated by Craig Smith, an award-winning internal communications, employee engagement and organisational development specialist. His company specialises in visual communication solutions which facilitate effective communication in the workplace.

  • Craig Smith

    Webinar Host

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