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Industrial customers require greater prevention of irregular access to their Industrial Controllers and want to use the tools of Cybersecurity Privilege Access Management to protect their companies. WALLIX helps industrial companies eliminate the vulnerabilities linked to access to industrial equipment

3 easy steps to reduce the vulnerability of your access to OT environments:

1) OT Direct Access - this access mode enables any proprietary protocol Industrial Controller service technician to connect directly with multiple PLCs/Scada/CNC systems through the WALLIX Bastion . Every service access session to the industrial controls systems is monitored and recorded, passwords are rotated without the need of a costly jump-server in front of each controller. No waste of limited resources and the full functionality of the state-of-the art Privilege Access Manager directly connecting with Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi and any industrial controller. None of our competitors can match this!

2) BESTSAFE - your industrial PCs with old MS Operating Systems, or Unix,running legacy applications can stop any attempt to ransomware/malware eliminating privileges to user and only running a set of pre-determined cleared applications. ZERO TRUST principle is key to defense on factory floor.

3) WALL4iOT - embedding privilege access management directly on Industrial IOT gateways, thus rendering the Industrial IOT gateway as privilege user of the Information Systems, thus eliminating leaving passwords on IIOT.


  • Presenter's BIO:
    Mark De Simone is an energizing global CEO and entrepreneur for innovative businesses which create significant customer, employee and shareholder value. He leads the international operations of Cybersecurity leader WALLIX, the Privilege Access Expert from Europe with a focus on Nordics, UK, Italy, Middle East, Pakistan, Africa, Asia Pacific and India. He is also leading the Industrial Cybersecurity Practice for the company focusing on vulnerability challenges of Industry 4.0 and the interaction between OT and IT in today’s factory environments. ​​​​​​​

    Mark is also a McKinsey alumnus and spent his business formative years with General Electric in the Healthcare sector in the USA and France, then as a Cisco VP driving the adoption of new services models in telecom leading the emerging markets, as an entrepreneur led a Management Buy In and created a Cloud Telco in 2012 called Clouditalia where he was CEO . Mark has been active in Cybersecurity starting at Cisco and Safety as CEO of Aegate to verify Medicine authenticity. Mark is based in London and has also an office in Paris.

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