Learn Telepathic Communication with Dr. Jane

Telepathic Communcation - Part 1

Telepathy is thought transfer between humans, animals, and even species. It is considered an E.S.P ability, which just means extra sensory ability. It is beyond the five physical senses. We do have many other senses as well. In fact, it is a natural innate ability. Some people can easily communicate telepathically from birth, others may require training and practice, but it is something we can ALL do. People who are empathic can more easily utilize telepathy. It can be like tuning into a radio station, or another being.

Wednesday, July 14, 6:00 PM EST

About The Webinar

Do you ever wonder about telepathy? What is it? How is it different than intuition? How can it be used?

    • Have you ever communicated with people, animals, plants, or other beings?
      Many of us often do this without realizing it. Would you like to learn how you can do more of this 'instant' transfer?

    • Would you like to communicate more with your Guides, Angels, Ancestors, or Star Beings?

      This is something we can focus on and learn to do it easily and safely. It is NOT about channeling, just listening, as well as sending messages.

    • Discover how Telepathy will become a Universal Language in the next decade!

      It's not hard to do once trained and practiced, anyone can do it! Join me to learn more about this exciting and esoteric art!

Webinar Presenters

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  • Jane Smolnik

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