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USB 4 – Redefining Data Speeds 

About the Webinar

USB4 mandates the exclusive use of the Type-C connector, and mandates the use of USB PD for power delivery. USB4 products support 20 Gbit/s throughput and can support 40 Gbit/s throughput, but due to tunneling even nominal 20 Gbit/s can result in higher effective data rates in USB4, compared to USB 3.2, when sending mixed data. In contrast to USB 3.2, it allows tunneling of DisplayPort and PCI Express. Truechip's USB4 Verification IP provides an effective & efficient way to verify the components interfacing with USB4 interface of an IP or SoC.
Attend this Exciting Webinar to Deep Dive in to the USB 4.
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  • This interesting webinar will focus on following:

    • USB4 Architectural Overview including USB4 HUB and USB4 Retimer.
    • Brief description of each component in USB4 to get better understanding of protocol.
    • Coverage, Assertions and Testsuite introduction including USB Compliance Testsuite, Error Injection, Low Power, State Directed Testsuite etc.
    • Live Demo of testcases showcasing USB4 Protocol which includes USB4 Low Power, USB3, PCIe and DP tunnelling, plus functionality of USB4 DOCK.
    • Challenges faced by the USB4 Developers.
  • Who Should Attend

    • Professionals working on development of  USB 4.
    • Professionals working on USB 4 verification at Soc/IP/VIP level or any intermediate level.
    • People keen to know how USB 4 is shaping new era of Interconnects.
    • Freshers in the field of VLSI industry.
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