Turning Conflicts into Opportunities in Times of Crisis

Conflict happens everywhere. It is part of our history. It began when Cain killed Abel. Conflict happens at home, in the workplace, on the street, on the manufacturing floor, in the Board room, almost everywhere, except in the graveyards 6 feet deep down there. Thus, having conflict is not a bad thing at all, especially in times like this where we are experiencing all kinds of crises. Crisis breeds & aggravates conflicts. This webinar empowers you to understand the true nature of conflict, sources of conflicts, and approaches and strategies to turn conflicts into opportunities. You will also get a tool that helps you understand your own preference in dealing with conflict, how to develop other conflict response styles so as to master turning conflicts into opportunities. The webinar offers you latest insights, a model, some strategies, and tactics that empower you to tap into every conflict and use it for your, the team’s, and organization’s advantages. It enables you to create an environment where people are encouraged to air their disagreements and take risk to innovate and create.

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