HX Leaders Summit

Theme: 'The Human Experience of Work During and After Covid-19'

8AM Eastern/2PMCET – Welcome: Elliott Nelson-sharing of global study on ‘HX in the Time of Covid-19’; Case Study: Görkem Balci, Head of EX & Organizational Development, Koç Holding

9AM EDT/3PM CET – Jonathan Gelfand, Global Well-being & Health Promotion Strategy, IBM 

10AM EDT/4PM CET - Gareth Rollitt, Head of People Analytics, Microsoft

11AM EDT/5PM CET – HX Panel – Damon Deaner-EX Design at IBM, Marie Kretlow- Sr. Experience Designer, People at InVision, Andrew Marrit-CEO at OrganizationView

12 EDT
/6PM CET - HX & the 'New Normal' - Reza Moussavian-SVP HR Digital & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom

  • Elliott Nelson

    Webinar Host

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