Online PMP® Exam: Bust Myths, Avoid Pitfalls, And Pass With Confidence!

Recently PMI allowed aspirants to take PMP® exam online, and aspirants are a bit hesitant. This webinar shares the reality, based on experience of my students that took Online PMP exam recerntly.

What you learn on this webinar (some of which may be shocking) can help you pass your PMP® exam!

Don't forget to download Free PMP goodies on the webinar.

  • Discover the reality about online PMP Exam

    There are few myths that have been creating lot of doubts in people's mind. Find out the reality about them.

  • Understand the benefits (and imporantly) downsides!

    And get a 3-part must-have checklist to prepare well for online PMP exam.

  • Discover how to increase the odds of success - whether you take online test or in test-center!

    Get a 4-part 100% fool-proof plan to pass your exam.

  • Shiv Shenoy, PMP

    Webinar Host

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