Strategies for profiting from your HR outsourced staffing projects

Peter Drucker once said: "Do what you do best, outsource the rest."

There’s absolutely no doubt about the soundness and efficacy of this wisdom.

A recent global outsourcing research showed that organisations majorly outsource to reduce or control costs, focus on core functions, solve capacity issues and improve service offerings. Therefore, it is extremely important for organisations and HR teams to profit and make the most of their outsourcing projects.

But managing HR functions and processes internally is tough, and the last thing you want to do as an HR executive is to get stuck with the frustrations of managing your outsourcing projects and staffing vendors.

As an HR Executive, you have to ensure that your outsourcing projects enhance the overall organisational performance as efficiently as possible. You also must be able to integrate & position your Outsourcing projects as a performance-enabler that helps your workforce to deal with market uncertainties and rising complexities. 

About The Webinar

So are there strategies you can adopt to make the most of your outsourcing projects?

To answer this question, we set out with the goal of identifying the Key Frustrations and challenges companies encounter/experience in the area of Outsourced Staffing Services and what it takes to deliver exceptional staffing and HR process outsourcing services.

In this invite-only session, we would be sharing the strategies for eliminating the key frustrations/challenges that organisations and HR professionals face and specific steps to help you get the maximum benefit from your outsourcing projects.

This session is carefully designed to:

  • Give you an in-depth understanding of what an ideal Outsourcing project should entail.

  • Teach you the secrets of deriving more from your outsourcing vendors/partners.

  • Provide a checklist on how to audit your existing outsourcing projects for profitability.

  • Provide a framework for building a high performing Outsourcing project from scratch

  • Guide you on how to audit, measure and optimise your Outsourcing initiatives.

  • Workforce Group

    Webinar Host

  • Adesola Adenuga

    The Director, Workforce Outsourcing

  • Foluso Aribisala

    CEO, Workforce Group

  • Lanre Lakunle Oseni

    Head Operations, Workforce Group

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