Cryptocurrencies: Sustaining Evolving Regulation

About The Webinar

Cryptocurrency is under the lens. It is an asset class which is dealing with evolving regulation and policy intent that is still to be articulated. The market is going through a patch where both prices and exchange volumes show a graph full of spikes and troughs.

​​​​​​​The conversation titled:  Cryptocurrencies- Sustaining Evolving Regulation is bringing together industry experts. People who understand nuances of the trade and the underlying technology. Join the discussion and discover: 

  • Key Highlights:

    ·         Regulations applicable to the cryptocurrency trade in India?

    ·         Cryptocurrency trade in India: Challenges and solutions

    ·          The relation between cryptocurrencies and blockchain

    ·         Tokenisation and authentication

    ·         Why the trade will survive despite constant uncertainty 

  • Ruchiraa Sharma, Anchor, Moneycontrol

    Webinar Host

  • Gurinder Dua, Blockchain and Crypto Advocate


  • Jaynit Raheja, Founder, Altry: Gifts That Matter | Web 3.0


  • Ajoy Pathak, Training, Research & Product Development - Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies


  • Aritra Sarkhel Director, Public Policy & Government Affairs, WazirX


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